cozy, fall day

cozy, fall day

Parent Teacher Conference

Parent Teacher Conference


D + D Wedding

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You know how wedding photography takes awhile, right? Well then add on a month or two for me to actually sit down and grow through the hundreds and hundreds of great shots for me to pick out my faves to share. That puts us at right about April 18th, 2014 on the calendar for me to share the glorious photos from my lil bro’s summer 2013 wedding. You may remember that I took their engagement pics and shared them here. Friends, you can just make as much fun of Idaho and their often “big, redneck weddings” as often as you like. Really. I won’t even stop you. But this, THIS, is how you do an Idaho wedding the right way.

First, have an incredible venue:d_d_wedding-277

Add in a beautiful couple ( that’s deeply in love!):


Totally hot bridesmaids don’t hurt. ;)


Enjoy a glorious sunset:d_d_wedding-593

Make sure you have some super adorbs little duckies:




And end the night with some crazy fun dancing:d_d_wedding-603

All these fabulous photos were taken by talented Eric Strate Photography out of Spokane, WA.

Just in case you love them too, here are some more for your viewing pleasure.d_d_wedding-172 (1)My new sister and me.d_d_wedding-8

She gave us the cutest bridesmaids gifts: nice, large wine glasses with our names etched into them and filled with any necessities for the day.

d_d_wedding-125Bride and Groom.

d_d_wedding-254The Smiths.

d_d_wedding-253The Fam. Me, my parents, ALL of my siblings, my husband and children, niece and new sister-in-law. Just missing one other sil!

d_d_wedding-242 (1)Groom-Brother and all his sisters.

d_d_wedding-257My niece and daughter.

d_d_wedding-435The awkward one that I am…

d_d_wedding-29Before the “first glance”

d_d_wedding-38Darling, right? And checkout her shoes!



d_d_wedding-404My cute, baby ring bearer.d_d_wedding-565

d_d_wedding-506I love that she loves him so much!








Smith-Style Spring

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Hey everybody!

I know I haven’t written a whole lot lately, but here’s the thing, spring has sprung! I absolutely love the beginning of new seasons. Well, except winter. That shit sucks. But maybe that is what makes the transition to spring so great. Days are longer, warmer, brighter. People, streets and towns are peppier. I adore the first time each year when a really nice day comes along. The day when people are still pasty-white but they bust out tank tops, maxi dresses and sandals – even if it’s a little premature. They walk or drive around windows down, music up. Those days have arrived here in my home. It has been getting up in the 70s.

Much to my daughter’s dismay that is not actually swimming weather, but it is warm enough to get Grandma to turn down the hot tub and take a little dip. That is exactly what we did today. All four Smiths got together with Grandpa and Grandma Smith, Auntie, 3 cousins and even Great-Grandpa and spent some time soaking up spring sunshine. The littles played, the grown-ups gossiped and my Miss S climbed a tree all on her own for the very first time.



040She truly couldn’t be happier than when she is in the water.

069G’s “Twin Cousin” Leila. They are only 8 days apart.







032Family Patriarch, Great-Grandpa 


And the Winner Is…

Sweet Scores

Rock the Shoot: Family Edition. A blogging collaboration with LifeStyled by Elle and Fairy Wings and DinosaursSo we had the grand finale of the Fairy Wings and Dinosaurs and Life Styled by Elle collaboration. I guess that makes this the GRAND grand finale. We get to announce the winner of the family photo session with the fabulous Tami Rene. If you didn’t win, check out the awesome offers from our other photog partners. Get the full list here. And the winner is…


Kamie Kaltenbaugh! Congratulations, Kamie!