Rock the Shoot: Styling Big Girls


It’s Thursday again. By now you should know what that means… super awesome, totally cool-kid status, collaboration day with Ruthie of Fairy Wings and Dinosaurs.

Rock the Shoot: Family Edition. A blogging collaboration with LifeStyled by Elle and Fairy Wings and Dinosaurs

We started with styling the babies (‘cuz who doesn’t love that?!), moved on to the littles, (which, after much discussion with my friend Brooke, ends at roughly 7), and today we get to share our style and suggestions for the big kids. (7ish to 13ish?) IDK, I am not really there yet with my little ducks.

Even though this is not a group that I am dressing or shopping for regularly, I was once a 10 year old myself. Not a very stylish one by any means, but who needs to know that? I also just happen to have 5 younger sisters. And though the oldest of those five is now 20, there are still a 12 and a 14 year old in the mix. I see them struggle with finding their own style, swapping back and forth between stolen styles from their teenage sisters’ closets to looking more like little girls, to abandoning it all for jeans and solid tees. While mall stops like Old Navy/Gap do a lovely job of carrying plenty of staples that transcend age, Justice makes me gag. That is not to say that you should never, ever buy a single piece there, just maybe forego ever buying a full outfit there. Crazy bright skinny jeans are one thing, but crazy bright skinny jeans with a shirt with crazy bright screen printing, a matching vest, a vivid tangerine fedora and rainbow-bedazzled kicks are a whole other story.

On a that note here a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Mix some feminine pieces with playful options to keep the look age appropriate and fun. Think sweatshirts and a youthful pearl necklace, sneakers with skirts,  or ruffles with rain boots.
  2. Girls of this age have developed their own interests and sense of style. Let it show.
  3. Avoid things too glittery or chaotic. It just ends up looking cheap and tacky.
  4. As always, blend colors, textures and patterns to give outfits more interest.

cool kid

(see, ruffles with boots and a beanie, lots of unique details, ONE skinny little glitter belt, and lots of layers and texture.)

My girl style pinterest board (come on, you know I have one!) is a targeted more towards smaller girls, but the outfits could still apply and some are “tweenish.” If you wanna check it out, here is the link. I am loving Wunway for all girls baby to preteen. Cool Mom Picks recently(ish) did a whole post where her nine year old selected all her faves from the Wunway website. It shows some great ideas and the price point stays right around my BLT budget. If that is spendy for you, you can still achieve similar outfits by mimicking their looks books. here is the post and a preview of their style:tutu and sweater style


Last but not least by any means, if you don’t already, follow Fairy Wings and Dinosaurs, if for no other reason than to catch WthWW. Ruthie’s oldest daughter is 9 and the girl has style for days. Ruthie always lists where the pieces are from too, so it make it super easy to get the look.

pbj girl

For the pb&j look I used an anchor print dress from Old Navy, navy striped leggings also from Old Navy, a funky head wrap from Etsy shop, BowFantasy, and H&M shoes.
blt budget girl

This look features Wunway Sandals, a Gap Romper, an organic sugar skull scarf from Etsy shop, LoveMoo, a Children’s Place Denim Jacket, and skinny bangle bracelets from Color by Amber. Here is a close up of the bracelet:


big girl style


This look features a sleeveless Tucker and Tate top from Nordstrom’s (which I would really like in my size!), flower printed skinny jeans from Tea Collection, a cream cardigan from Gap, the star and tassel necklace from Wunway, and the super-awesome beautifully bedazzled shoes from J.Crew.

In regards to the necklace and shoes, I am quite certain I can DIM. (Uh, do it myself.) I love those little shoes and I am thinking a trip to Joann’s, $15-$20 and I can totally have a pair like ’em for my girl. Heck one I buy all the supplies, I may just make some for myself! The necklace I feel certain could happen for less than $2. Check back later. I think those can be my next copycat projects!


mc wunway necklace MC  crewcuts girl shoessignoff

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